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In wucheng county can dispose LuQuan tuen LuQuan tuen s ironwork processing
Texas s air-conditioning and ventilation equipment co., LTD. Is located in shandong wucheng county can dispose LuQuan industrial park。Specializing in the production of flat iron round flange、Angle round flange、Angle steel flange circle、Round flange plate system、Fan soft connection、Galvanized duct.Angle steel flange duct、A total of flange duct、Shock absorber and purification air-conditioning special Angle iron flange。The other manufacture all kinds of central air conditioning terminal products and accessories。 Customer order can provide their own dimensions and parameters of production as required。Our advanced technology,Products with high precision、Less wear、New processing ways、Cost savings。Texas s air-conditioning and ventilation equipment co., LTD warmly welcome people from all walks of life before the industry to discuss business。My company developed Angle bending round machine adopts double roller wheel horizontal power,Effectively avoid the three roll is not easy to control precision of the faults,Is easy to operate,High efficiency,The advantages of durability。Rolling different profiles need to replace the roller。
The main products:Galvanized Angle steel flange,Angle iron fangyuan flange,Flat iron flanges,Fan soft connection,Fan shock absorbers
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